Valentines Jokes for You

by Vincent Odundo The last time I planned to go out for dinner on February 14, I had not booked a restaurant. After a dozen unsuccessful attempts to find even a place in an establishment, we decided to go back home and watch a movie. Since then, I am reluctant about making a fuss of of... Continue Reading →


10 Top Innovations of 2018

by Vincent Odundo Two months into 2018, and the focus remains on the top-tier tech companies not just to introduce the human race to improvements of the existing tech, but also treat all to maiden cutting-edge innovations with the hope of making life easier (read lazier). Motor vehicle, city life, smart homes, healthcare, screens and... Continue Reading →


Men make the majority of the depressed adult population, locally and globally. Psychologically so, because they shy from the touch with their emotional awareness; feminized and often referred to as umama. Freedom to laugh: logically carries the same weight as the freedom to cry. That you allow yourself to laugh openly at Trevor Noah jokes... Continue Reading →

What does Facebook do with our personal data?

Information is at the heart of the strategic decision-making process. A perfect knowledge of the relevant information allows us to seize opportunities when they arise, to understand and control risks and to take effective and decisive actions for the future. Information management is, therefore, the factor that must not be overlooked in any company. It... Continue Reading →

What Next After NASA Boycotts Repeat Poll

by Vincent Odundo Kenyans were moving unenthusiastically on Thursday to elect their president in an opposition-boycotted election, some of whose supporters even blocked access to polling stations, triggering clashes with police. Some 19.6 million registered voters were theoretically expected in the 40,883 polling stations. However, the contrast was striking with the excitement that marked the... Continue Reading →

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